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Virtua Computers Staff

Justin T. Esgar

Justin has a bacelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island and over 5 years of professional computer experience with over 20 years of using computers. After working professionally on both Mac and Windows systems, Justin made the decision to concentrate on Macs and launched Virtua Computers. His area of expertise includes small to medium size business, Mac OS X server and all varieties of Apple hardware.


Nick McSpadden
Mac Maestro
Nick Headshot

Nick is the Client Systems Manager at a private school in San Francisco and is responsible for all 1:1 iOS deployment among a large student population and all Mac deployment for school and faculty use. Nick has worked at simplifying, automating, and managing deployment for maximal admin ease and user benefit since 2006, focusing on good client experience as the end goal for all Mac management. Nick works with iOS & MDMs as well as free/open-source tools for Mac administration and deployment automation. Nick is glad to join the Virtua Computers team in 2014.